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Community-University Partnership Award

Early Childhood Education and Care Faculty Team


Teamwork is a group of people that work together and are effective and efficient.

I was part of the team for the 2021 recipients of VIU's (Vancouver Island University) President's and Provost's Awards for Community Engagement.

Right before the pandemic hit, I had a temporary contract at VIU in Nanaimo. Yes, I traveled to Nanaimo one day a week while running my daycare, Little Buddies.

My daycare ran two days a week; Mondays and Wednesdays. I would take the last ferry Monday night, teach on campus at VIU on Tuesday mornings 830am-1130am. Then taught another course online with Northern Lights Colllege, while I took the 1pm ferry home.

I have always wanted to be a Professor. But I was finding it tricky to find work close to home. The common response I got was you need more experience. I had to prove to myself I can be a Professor and just find work somewhere else.

It was initially a 3 month contract. But with the pandemic, I actually got more opportunities to teach at VIU online.

We taught practicum online; 40 students and 4 Professors. I got to work with some amazing individuals and together we worked on this community engagement work. We were excited to hear we won this award.

I like being challenged and working with a team. Its gives us opportunities to bring all of our strengths to the table.

Being on the Board of Trustees, its about teamwork and being effective and efficient.

Link to the 2021 recipients of VIU's President's and Provost's Awards for employees

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