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Contribution. What contribution?


What contribution? A financial contribution.

I am not kidding you I do a happy dance when I get an etransfer for my campaign.

Yes vote for me, I am a mother of three children, and all are enrolled in the public school system. My Masters is in Education, specializing in Early Childhood. I have worked in all 3 sectors; public, private and non-profit.

And yes financially support me to go towards my campaign! When I say every $10 counts...I'm not joking.

What a week for me in my campaign! Trying to confirm financial contributions, buttons, to find lumber, assembly and then putting them up (later this week).

It all costs money and quickly adds up. Luckily some friends were home for the week or a had schedule change and were able to help me out. I was nervous at first asking for contributions. But then someone said to say, 'supporting you is supporting the community and its to help you win the election and take the next step and be on the board for School Trustees.'


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