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Ward Draper on why Rupi is a great candidate for School Trustee

Updated: Sep 14, 2022


How is collaboration effective? It's effective when two people work together with a common purpose.

Fifteen years ago, I started my first clothing drive. My initial plan was to get the items and give them directly to anyone on the street.

Somehow in my planning, I had heard of Ward Draper and the organization Ministries 5 and 2 and called him to meet for coffee.

We met for coffee and I recall we ended up sitting for a couple of hours. I was inpired by all his work in the community. Thru our discussion we could see how our individual strengths could benefit Abbotsford as a whole.

I have my annual clothing drive, Cozy Covers and a huge amount of donations goes to Ministries 5 and 2.

Throughout the year we stay connected and support Ministries 5 and 2 as much as possible, for jackets, socks, gloves toques and such.

I remember one year- someone posted, 'its so cold, my kids are going to be Popsicles, thinking of the homeless.'

I thought, what can we do about this? I did a 24 hour fundraiser and raised $1700 and I picked up 15 sleeping bags for 5 and 2.

One time I got a call from 5 and 2, their dinner was canceled at the last minute. I posted on social media and got around $1000. This supported 5 and 2 for 2 dinners.

During the pandemic Ward mentioned they were low on funds to support the community. I did a online fundraiser 'virtually connecting our community,' I was able to give 5 and 2 a cheque for over $8000 and to other organizations.

Ward and I have worked together for many years for various occasions. Collaboration is very effective. If we are aware of our own strengths and work together we will make an impact.


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