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Did you know our city isn't "littered with signs?"


Did you know our city isn't "littered with signs?"

Did you know "signs=endorsements?"

Someone used this example with me recently that with the upcoming elections, it litters our city with signs.

I recall previous elections there were many signs everywhere.

In this current election there are still many signs but not like as previous years.

What's the difference?

Did you know candidates must seek permission to put up a sign in your lawn? If you say yes....THANK YOU!

But that is actually another way someone can give an endorsement by putting up a sign in their lawn.

Oh and I forgot to mention there are also rules for placement of signs. My team has been great at "checking it twice, cut it once."

Oh and putting up these signs are NOT easy. A special thank you to when any dad tells me he has no plans today. I quickly ask 'do you want to help Jag today?'

I guess its all about perspective on how you see the signs. Its not littering the city its supporting us candidates. So thank you for supporting your candidates.

If you want a lawn sign please let me know! We keep a list and will be picking up the signs shortly after the elections. If you have no plans today.....let me know too



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