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Mark Swint on why Rupi is a great candidate for School Trustee

My daughter was in dance and that was her main focus. She loved learning various types of dances. One of her friends played Hockey and mentioned to her, she should try it out. So my daughter checks out one practice and quickly changes gears from dance to hockey. I really didn't see it coming!

At this time I was Managing my son's hockey team with AMHA. I got asked by my friend Mark Swint the Assistant Coach for AFHA (Abbotsford Female Hockey Association) to manage the girls Hockey team.

I wasn't sure if I could manage two teams with a toddler in tow. But it worked out! It was fun to offer experiences for the girls and families.

Elections are just around the corner!

Advance polling is Oct 5th-8th at the Old Court House.

Oct 15th you can vote at specific schools.

Check out the support from Mark below.

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