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Megan Horvat on why Rupi is a great candidate for School Trustee

Advance polling starts next week!


What does Teamwork look like to you? It is individuals collaborating together on a common goal.

In 2006, my first year at City of Abbotsford I was a Preschool Teacher for the daycamps. I remember when Megan walked in my class she was not happy to be placed in a preschool classroom. We instantly clicked.

The second year I got promoted to Daycamp Supervisor. Megan stayed on with me as well. I had 12 staff and 2 locations. We had many new hires, so together we tried to create a team that was for us and memorable for the kids.

The testimonial is from my friend Megan we worked together for 2 years and now have been friends for 15 years.

Oh and we had daycamp names and the kids never knew our real names.

In this picture (left to right) is Jaws, Curly, Yaya,Hershey, Gem, Chicklet, Jello, Google, (bottom two...) bubbles and sunshine.

And I have to say our daycamp names were quite fitting to our personalities/obsessions. Yes I was Hershey.

Check out the support from Megan below.


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