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‘Motherhood. Your steps to find balance.’


This was my submission for 'Motherhood' for the Abbotsford Arts Council.

Being a mom is rewarding and challenging.

I took this picture while I was closing my daycare, and finding my balance.

This picture is with me and my youngest. It was to illustrate I can take the courage to put me first (close my daycare) and follow the steps for balance in my life.

When I heard about the Abbotsford Arts Council had an exhibit for women artists it made sense to send in this submission.

I was excited to hear my submission was approved for the online gallery. For more information on my submission check out

Abbotsford, has many ways to portray the arts; through galleries, museums, festivals, theatres and music.

How are you connected to the arts? What types of arts do you appreciate? How can we create more opportunities of the Arts in Abbotsford?

Link to Rupi's submission to the Abbotsford Arts Council


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