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When you or your partner was pregnant, did you play music for your child? Is it because you were aware of the benefits music can play in brain development prior to birth?

When your child was born, did you put a lot of emphasis of music in the first 5 year of life? Is it because you were aware of the benefits in fine and gross motor skills, language, intellectual, social skills and preparing them for school readiness?

Did you know not all schools have a music program? I do as a mother of three children, all are enrolled in the public school system. In the elementary school one year we had a music teacher, and then we did not. That teacher had a part time position and my kids looked forward to her one hour class. Why don’t all the schools have a music program?

We know the benefits of music in pregnancy and in the early years. Why not in elementary schools?

Music creates connection without words. Music creates a bond between people.

How do I know this? How am I reminded of this? I could tell you more research on the benefits of music in all schools at every grade level.

Or I can share another experience I had at yesterday’s powerful ‘walking forward to remember’ workshop. A few presenters sang and danced. I didn’t know the words. Many of us did not know the words. But let me tell you about that experience, there wasn’t a dry eye. We all felt connected to the music, to everyone in the room.

What does music offer our students? A connection. A connection between each other. Doesn't everyone just want to feel connected? I see our schools missing connection.

We all know our kids love practicing their songs for a Christmas concert. I recall being in a choir in my elementary years. Music brings connection, joy and strength to one another.

In what ways do you find music benefits your child? How do you create opportunities for music in your environment?


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