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Nicole Takhar on why Rupi is a great candidate for School Trustee


Who is connected? We are all connected to someone. Do you find yourself connected to someone as soon as you meet? Feeling connected is a link or a relationship between two people.

Nikki and I first met at a BC Lions event many years ago. There were a bunch of volunteers and we needed to organize and get ready for the event. Together we connected and worked diligently to get ready for the event.

Nikki was great at getting everything ready for the event. After that event we didn't see other and we didnt have any social media platforms to connect. A year or so went by.

I got hired as the supervisor for ARC Day Camps. I needed to hire staff. I went to a wedding and I saw Nikki at a table. I walked right upto her and said "I know its been awhile. Remember me from BC Lions? I think you should apply to be a daycamp leader."

Well she remembered our brief time together at BC Lions. And she said, "sure." Nikki applied for the job and successfully got hired.

Nikki was a pleasure to work with at the Day Camps. And now thankful for social media we are now still connected.

We all want to feel and be connected. Who do you see on that Board of Trustees? Who do you feel connected to from the candidates? Who do you think will connect with staff, schools and children?

Check out the support from Nicole below.


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