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Sandra Hunter on why Rupi is a great candidate for School Trustee

Social Media.

How effective is social media? Many of us recall the floods in the Fraser Valley last year.

In the beginning many of us didn't know how to help, we were just at a loss of watching the daily effects of the floods.

I think I had seen Sandra Hunter post they needed items at Arnold church in Chilliwack. Also at the same time Kirpa Collective mentioned they needed help with sandbagging.

I wasn't sure how I could help either of them as I had small children and it wasn't safe to drive to Chilliwack.

Then I thought I would reach out on social media that 'one day' and see who is available. I didn't imagine the response I got on social media became a rippling effect onto various social media platforms and it became a daily post for close to a couple of months. I would get calls in the late evening and early morning of who needed support. I posted in on social media and we all worked diligently to support our community.

Just so you know Sandra and I have never met, but together we were one strong team with all of you. Thanks to social media we were able to spread awareness for the concerns of safety and where people needed support (sandbagging, rides or food arrangements).

I remember one time lunch was donated for the Arnold church. But I had no way to get there. I posted it on social media. And thru 4 different people responding, they all helped each other to get to Arnold church.

Eventhough there were days I physically couldn't help someone. Yet, social media was a great way to spread our message, it spread like wildfire.

Thank you to the many people involved in helping our community during those horrific times. There was so much loss for many families.


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