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The next generation. What do you hope to bring the next generation?

The next generation.

What do you hope to bring the next generation? I know if I can bring a little wisdom down like Santosh auntie I know I have done some good.

I have known her since my elementary years as well. Many years later we have reconnected. What's changed? I'm a mom now. And I always think what can I bring the next generation? In these last few months I have had a chance to be involved in her recent events. And I see how auntie tries to instill wisdom in all of us to help our fellow sisters, mothers and daughters.

Let me tell you she doesn't take no from anyone. If she believes in her heart it will help ONE person she will do it. @santosh_powar was involved in the vigil for domestic abuse in Abbotsford. Then she was involved in organizing an event, Toar Punjaban Di and asked @saraforwomen to join and explain in Punjabi the purpose of their organization.

She is not afraid to speak the truth, speak for women, speak with confidence we can be a community-a united community. Auntie knows we need to create an awareness of what is happening in our community.

It was a wonderful evening, filled of laughs, dance, great food, company and the truths of how to seek help due to domestic violence.

More information refer to @purplelightnightsfraservalley , October focuses on domestic violence


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