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What tribe? A tribe is a group of people with a common interest.

I recall when I was completing my UBC Capstone Project for my Masters in Education. In my last term, I didn't partake in any extra activities. At that time we had two young children and it was definitely a struggle to manage my daycare, do my homework and manage the rest of life. I was exhausted and felt very defeated in the end.

My neighbor (my Wilson) Karina, posted on social media anyone want to do a book club? Later that day I was chatting with her by the fence. I was curious to know more about this book club.

I thought to myself... I have to come over weekly? I have to meet new people? We have to read a chapter a week and discuss it in our weekly meetings? That does not sound like fun. I nervously responded, and said 'sure.'

Karina replies, 'great, this is the book, For The Love and I will see you Tuesday.'

I went back in the house, and told my husband I just joined a book club. His response, 'a book club?'

Anyways, I got my book. Read the first chapter and resonated with the author, Jen Hatmaker. I cried and laughed learning about 'find your beam- to say no for a better balance.'

I showed up that Tuesday. Karina knew everyone, and no one knew each other. I was so shy in the beginning and listened to the conversations.

Each week, I couldn't wait for book club! We shared stories and sometimes shed some tears. I realized we had similarities and struggles.

I recall I even put a dedication to our book club in my UBC Capstone Project- 'In my thirties, I developed new friendships that gave me tranquility. To the girls in book club, your laughter came at the perfect time when I was vulnerable and discouraged.'

A tribe is a group of people with a common interest. You don't know have to know everyone at the table to create a tribe. You don't have to agree on everything. Everyone brings something to the table.

The common goal for the School Trustees' tribe, is to model a culture to make decisions that best fit in our community.

What will I bring to that tribe? How do I fit for this board? I will bring communication, some conversations and create collaboration.


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