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Truth and Reconciliation.

What is Truth and Reconciliation?

To honor the children that did not return home, the survivors from the residential schools and now individuals dealing the secondary trauma within the Indigenous community.

What is secondary trauma? It's the emotional duress individuals hear from someone who has dealt with firsthand trauma. How can we help these individuals, children and families who have dealt with heartbreaking traumas?

We need to acknowledge the history, create conversations and be mindful this happened Canada.

Educate ourselves on the history and creating opportunities to show our support.

On September 30th it is orange shirt day, to symbolize "every child matters" that culture, freedom and self-esteem was stripped away from many Indigenous children over generations. Sept 30th is now recognized as a stat holiday in Abbotsford.

Abbotsford schools are closed tomorrow and Friday. Today, staff and students are encouraged to wear orange to show their support and acknowleding the history. To create conversations to mend the broken relationships and recognizing the history of the Indigenous community.

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