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Truth and Reconciliation.

Kevin Lamoureux, explains "it's telling truths and Reconciliation is being a part of the solution. We are are only here because of the survivors. The survivors of residential schools that endured all types of abuse for several years and taking the courage to speak with all of us today."

We heard very small snippets from the Indigenous community and their experiences. It's heart wrenching and just awful. Words can not describe the pain we could hear in their voices as they shared their stories first hand.

There were many powerful discussions that left you thinking of your own judgements and biases.

Racism, starts with us.

Where do you stand with people that are different than you?

What conversations do you have with your children?

How do you envision your grandchildren to be treated?

Dr. Point states, "What can we do, as educators, custodians, bus drivers? Everyone has to take responsibility. We cannot change if we don't take responsibility."

Superintendent Godden concludes, "sees the theme lies around opportunities and responsibility."

Racism, also ends with us.

Together we can take the opportunity and responsibility to create change. Mend the relationships for Reconciliation.

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