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Vipan Sidhu on why Rupi is a great candidate for School Trustee

Family Childcare Certification

What is that? It was my first Certification at UFV many (many) years ago. This program is a brief introduction to Early Childhood Education (ECE). I recall my first class and I was so intrigued to learn more in this field.

Shortly after I completed my Diploma in ECE; specializing in Special Needs and then completed my Bachelors of Arts in Child and Youth Care; specializing in Child Protection.

With my education it opened opportunities for me to works as Educational Assistant, preschool teacher, day camp supervisor, owner/operator of a daycare and a social worker. Then I had another door open to teach the family Childcare Certification at UFV. I still remember that email. We would like to congratulate you on this position. I was so excited to teach adults and hopefully get them to be passionate of this incredible field.

Vipan was my student from that program that I taught many years ago. This program was great way to offer little snippets to students to learn about ECE.

Check out the support from Vipan below.


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