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Why be thankful?


Why be thankful?

The sun is shinning and people are out enjoying their time with family and friends. Today we were at the Purple Lights event at Jubilee Park.

As many of you know I'm running for school trustee. Advance polling is next week oct 5th-8th at the old court house.

These past few months have been about building connections with our community, our incumbents and new candidates.

Its been a great morning chatting with everyone. Oh and I love music! As many of you know....I love a good ol classic.

I'm thankful for the sunshine, and just meeting you! Thank you for getting to know me and my love for the community.

Get ready to vote! Remember you get to exercise your vote. You can pick up to 7 candidates...pick the candidates you see will make an impact on OUR children and OUR city.

Pick candidates that YOU see that WILL bring experience, knowledge, collaboration, advocacy for YOUR community.

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