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Women. Women encouraging women.


Women encouraging women. Meet my childhood friend @bharathisandhu

We have known each other since elementary school. I called her last December to offer my condolences of her dad passing away. Somehow within a short period of time on the phone and catching up we realized we were both interested in politics. Bharathi planned to run for City Council for this upcoming election.

I was still deciding to run for School Trustee. She said I'll call you in the new year. I was thinking maybe she will forget as I was quite nervous of this move.

Lo and behold she called me in January. Not only that she has worked with me week after week building my campaign on top of her own campaign.

I'm not a nervous or shy person. But she knew I needed that push. She consistently gets me involved week by week meeting people, introducing me. She would always introduce herself and then do her speel to introduce me. And all I would say is hi. I have come a long way and now have more words to say when someone asks, 'why should we vote for you?'

This is women encouraging women. She shows up to our meetings. We show up for each other, at both of our launch parties. Together I see us a powerhouse, a force ready to take action.

Abbotsford, if you looking for change, moving forward in a positive direction vote for Bharathi for City Council and myself Rupi Kanda-Rajwan for School Trustee.

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