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To consistently work towards moving our community Abbotsford forward, in a positive way.


To connect with various individuals and stake holder groups and work together to benefit us all.


To continue to move forward until we find solutions that practical, relatable and attainable to develop the next generation.

Why vote for Rupi?

I am a local resident of Abbotsford, a mother of three children who are all enrolled in the public school system.  I am actively involved in their sports teams.  My educational background entails a Masters of Education, a Degree in Child and Youth Care and a Diploma in Early Childhood.  I have worked in all sectors: public, private and non-profit.  My love for the community drives me to work together with everyone.  I see myself working side by side with staff, parents and children to develop the next generation.


Vote for me Rupi Kanda-Rajwan, 

for Abbotsford School Trustee in October 2022


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